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Monday, November 08, 2004

Geico.com is so easy to use, even a Caveman could do it!

Final thoughts on your 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox:

It's been nearly 2 weeks since the Sox ended the Curse, and I hate that its over. That night i wouldnt sleep, wanting it to last forever. Nothing will ever be like that. Seeing them win it all, along with watching the whole playoffs. Every night, going to the SpringHouse with Fries and Brad, and the rest of the Sox fans. It lasted nearly all of October....it was great, all of us coming together, rooting for Boston, for the common good. I dont think anything will compare to this October.

The best moments: Fries and i opening the SpringHouse to see Game 2 against Anaheim; Ortiz winning the ALDS with a 3 run bomb; watching in disbelief as they blew games 1 and 2 vs. New York in the ALCS; Dave Roberts prolonging the season, stealing second on Rivera....in the bottom of the 9th in Game 4, and Big Papi David Ortiz winning it 3 innings later; Curt Schilling winning over an entire region by beating New York in Game 6 with his skin stitched into the underlying tissue in his ankle; Johnny Damon's grand slam and 2 run homer to power the Game 7 win, along with the grounder to Pokey to end it and humiliate the Yankees.

Then the World Series: First World Series game in Fenway since 1986; Mark Belhorn's winner off the Pesky Pole; Curt Schilling proving medical science wrong once again; Pedro restoring his legacy in Game 3; Then the moment of moments, waiting for the final pitch, then going wild as Renteria grounded back to Foulke for the final out. 1918-2004.

What a ride, too bad its over.

What else is there? Our hockey team lost in the playoffs on Sunday. Kind of sucks, but im getting tired of it. Maybe the winter off will help. The NHL on the other hand, seems like it's going to take the entire season off. What a shame. The Coolest Game on Earth doesn't deserve this. The NHLPA has to realize that the league isnt in the same level as the rest of the major sports and see that they make way to much money compared to money made by the owners, and that disparity is the highest in the 4 major, which is a big problem when the NHL generates paltry revenue in comparison.

College is boring. Too many papers due. Work stinks, i hate 90% of my fellow bussers, but i should probably realize that goes with the territory when your a BUSSER. Im graduating college in May, so soon enough it will all be behind me.

Someone hit my Neon at the Spring House the other night. That car has taken every type of punishment possible. Every major part has died and its been beaten to a pulp. But at over 100,000 miles, it still runs.

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