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Monday, October 18, 2004

The Passion of the Red Sox Fan.

Running log of Game 4 of the ALCS:

12:53: Commercial break. After tying the game and getting to Mariano Riveria in the 9th, the Redsox wade thru the 10th and here they are in the top of the 11th, and Curtis Leskanic, all 90 years of him, is pitching with the bases loaded to Bernie Williams, Red Sox 4 Yankees 4.

12:55: Williams flies out to Damon in center. Whew. Riveria is out of the game, but the Red Sox are out of options in their pen....if Mendoza pitches, Francona gets fired in the middle of the game. Wakefield warms up as the Sox bat in the 11th. Commercial....keep the faith.

12:58: I decree, we will not be swept. I light up a Sundance Light. Tom Gordon was never that good for the Red Sox anyway.

12:59: Full count to Mueller.

1:00: Mueller flies out to Matsui. Go back to Chicago, you son of a bitch. Current Possible Hero: Mientkiewitz(sp?).......fuck, line out. To Tony Clark, who couldnt have been worse when he played for Boston. Damon up, time to atone for a horrible series.

1:04: Damon walks with 2 outs.....Cabrera up, Fries called him as the hero before the series started....keep the faith.

1:06: Damon steals....basehit by Cabrera can win it......keep the faith.

1:07: Gor-don! Gor-don! Gor-don! Gor-don!

1:08: Cabrera grounds out like a bitch. Wakefield is due to pitch. Who's this years Aaron Boone? I'm guessing that bastard Miguel Cairo. Commercial break.

1:10: Scratch that, Leskanic is still pitching. Tony Clark up third, i bet he summons that pinstripe mystique and hits a home run, atoning for that Mendoza like year he had in red socks. Base hit for Pussada. Shit. No outs.

1:12: Ground out off Leskanic's ass. Runner to second. Tony the Tiger up to tear my heart out....

1:14: Clark flies out, good for him. Cairo up....ah hell. 2 out.

1:16: I'd like to point out that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver couldnt be more bias towards New York if they had their faces painted Blue and White and were chanting "Lets go Yankees!" Hey, Leskanic pitches 2 great innings, striking Cairo out. No more Aaron Boone curse. For now....commercial break.

1:19: Paul Quantril pitching. Former Red Sox. Manny, D.O. and Varitek due up. He's toast. Basehit Manny! D.O. up. Looking good! No outs...keeping the faith. Another Sundance lit up.

1:23: DAVID MOTHER FUCKING ORTIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOMERUN! KEEP THE FAITH! See you today at 5:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, hell of a game. Lost our hockey game today 3-1...but i wouldnt know why since i was ejected 2 minutes in after accidentally clipping a guy in the mouth with my stick. Split his lip and broke 2 teeth, which earned me a misconduct and match penalty. Horseshit.

Work in 9.5 hours. Ah hell indeed.

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Current Mood: Ha Ha Ha Ha Stayin' Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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