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Friday, September 03, 2004

We're getting the league back together!

Its been even longer since ive written here.

We started another season of MGD hockey. We lost our first game...which we should have won, but we wilted in the intolerable heat and humidity. Then we tied our second game on Tuesday. I started off with 2 break away goals and then assisted on 2 of Fries's goals, earning points on our first 4 goals. Probably the best game i've ever played, before i crashed into the boards wrist first. It hurt like a bitch, and i had to get x rays ( with no medical insurance), but it turned out to be a severe sprain. So i hope to play again in 2 sundays for our next game.

School also began earlier this week. Im glad to be back in school, but damn the classes are boring. I got a parking ticket already and havent even looked at books yet.

The World Cup of Hockey has began, my friends and yours, the Canadians have started off 2-0 and should easily take the Gold with ease.

Gary The Animal has returned home well. My birthday is Monday. Life getting better?

Current TV: Czech Republic vs. Germany in World Cup Action
Current Mood: ah yes


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