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Monday, July 26, 2004

Las Vegas, what a town!

Whew...just back from Las Vegas last night at 4 am.  What a trip.  That city never sleeps.  There is no such thing as a last call.  You can get beer at any moment, any minute of the day.  We stayed at the Lady Luck hotel, on the 23rd floor across the hall from my Uncle Barry, Aunt Betty, and my cousins Kristy and Barry.  I also got to see my Uncle Jack and Aunt Mary Lou, who live out there, and whom i am so very jealous.

I think my dad said it best:  "5% of the United States most beautiful women are in Las Vegas, Nevada at any given time."  So many hotties wearing so little.  Seriously, everywhere you look.  But for every stunning beauty, there were nearly as many crazy asses, who were either drunk or total whackos.  I dont know how many times people came up to me asking for cigarettes or dollar bills and what not. 

We checked out the strip which was nice, but it was hot as hell.  It was 120 degrees at its hottest, which was about 50 or 60 degrees hotter than the temperature in Philadelphia when we flew back.  The sun just beat down unforigiving...but its better than the hotness in Lancaster because there is no humidity.  I ended up getting pretty chapped lips from it.  We saw Caesars Palace, the MGM Grand, Bally's, along with Paris and New York, New York, both of which are huge hotels modeled after each city.  Just unbelieveable.  We stuck mostly to a place called the Fremont Experience, which is worth the trip alone.  Lined with shops and casinos, its a street about 1-2 football fields long.  But the real treat is the half-dome built over top of the street.  It has a GIANT tv screen built into the underside of it, which shows these unbelievable programs like alien invasions, water shows, a tribute to the USA, and an Elvis bit.  Along with a huge sound system, it would totally blow you away.  It truly has to be seen to be believed. 

Then there was the buffets.  Ohhh, the buffets.  Every casino has one, and we checked out 4 total.  Just rows and rows and tables and tables of great cuisine.  I cant believe i didnt gain any weight in the trip, but i guess walking in the damn heat took it all off. 

I stuck to gambling on the slot machines.  My dad tried his luck on the black jack tables, and won a small amount.  I pumped i guess about 50$ into various slot machines and have nothing to show for it.  I would win small amounts occaisionally, but i would lose it soon after.  I guess its part of the experience, throwing money away Vegas style. 

All said, it was a great trip.  I got a few t shirts, an off the wall Vegas ashtray, and the crown jewel:  a 5'x3' Canadian flag which i found in a gift shop for 6$.  Another quest is realized.  If i had to pick to the worst part, it would be the 5 hour plane rides back and forth, but even those were managable. 

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