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Monday, July 19, 2004

Its the Marquee de Nable! Enemy of the People!

It has been a unreal week or so.  Last Wednesday, we all adjourned to the SpringHouse for Kareoke, in which we rocked or did not rock the house, depending on who you asked.  We sang We Didnt Start the Fire, American Pie and Friends in Low Places.  No Summer of 69 though. 
Then onto this weekend, i started off at College's party where there was a multitude of people.  I got a call from Jeff Henry of all people, who was at a "That Fish Place" party at Patty Little's house.  Nice to see that Jeff Henry and i can still hurl insults at each other like days of old.  Plus Lauren was there, and was wearing a smoking outfit, which i just loved.  Then back to the party at Kyle's house, where upon leaving i backed into Kate's sisters car.  Just like old times. 
Now i go to Las Vegas in 3 days, and it should be super. 
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