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Friday, July 30, 2004

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Business as usual here lately. Monday night worked at Fridays, the first day back since Vegas. Always nice to get back to the grind. After work Brad and I went with some other co workers to Damons. Had a few there, then went out to Hot Z to have some more drinks with Droz and Brads friend Nick. Had 3 beers and a shot of jager which really put a hit on me. Then if that wasnt enough, Brad and I went down to the Springhouse, and had a few more. We talked to Hollywood there for a bit, then took back to the Compound. There, quite a night unfolded. I was blitzed to start, but then we started in on the X Box Kareoke that Eric picked up. First we listened to the gold that Matt and Eric recorded earlier. That was great as is, then we all made some more songs that had me laughing harder than i laughed in ages. Tears were flowing, i couldnt stay in my seat and i nearly yakked. Just like the Golden Days at the Compound.

Then tonight Eric, Donna, Gary and I went over to Kate's parents house for their party to commerrate Kyle and Kates engagement. They played a funny Newlywed game that Eric made a blast.

College starts again in about 4 weeks, and i cant wait to get back learning....

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