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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Like sands through the hour glass....

Been a while. Again.

School, work, bar, hockey. Bar and hockey are keeping me alive. At least in Lancaster county anyway. We lost our last hockey game 10-3 in embarassing fashion, but just playing is the best.

I haven't written about the RedSox in awhile, so here's been whats up....

They dominated the Angels in the ALDS. I watched game one and two at the Old Spring House, which they won easily. Game three went here and there. I had to work, so i got to watch David Ortiz hit a two run homerun to win the series in relative quiteness infront of customers.

That was all and cool, but the bastard New York Yankees awaited in the ALCS. Again. Revenge for last year, right? Well they just lost game 2 and are down 0-2. Schilling, the whole reason everyone thought the Sox would be better than, and beat the Yanks, tore an ankle ligament and is probably out for the year. Like i said before, i never believed in the Curse, but christ, what else could explain this bullshit? Yeah, ill root for them in game 3, but what chance do they have? Bronson Arroyo? Tim Wakefield? Good night Irene. On the plus side... the Spring House has been full of Red Sox fans, which was real nice to be around common good. But its the Red Sox, and the Yankees, so why didnt i see it coming? God Dammit.

Hey, this blog has made 1000 hits. Damn. People...leave a comment or sign the guestbook please....

I'd also like to point out that no one should trust anyone with money and the words ebay, laptop and thinkpad have become synonomous with maxipad, mentrual cycle, cotex, and vaginal cramps in my mind.

Work sucks, i work with imbeciles, but there are a few people, at least one, that remain in a circle of trust. My managers are tools, they just dislike or treat me like i do not exist. Im sure thats how its gonna be for the rest of my life, but hey i have to complain about something right?

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