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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Lets close this place down so you can buy me a calzone

The days seem to get more and more boring.

Canada won the World Cup of Hockey last night in a tight game over Finland. I was hoping it could have been the US team, but ill take a championship. Martin Brodeur looked great once again, and i no longer believe his prime has passed. Now theres the lockout to deal with, and i will be mighty pissed if there is no NHL season. What else would i do with my life?

Our hockey team tied again last Sunday. I did manage to bank a goal off the goaltenders leg from behind the net to tie the game as time expired. This is a real competitive league..every game has been really close. We have another game tonight, that im trying to get off work for, but it looks like rain anyway so f it.

College is horribly boring. Every class is an exercise in not trying to fall asleep. I get to close work tonight, then study for 2 exams tomorrow. What a life.

My garbage Neon has eclipsed 100,000 miles. Not without the rigors of each mile though. The electrical system has totally been crippled. The speedometer rarely works, the dashboard display will not light up and the radio just shuts off randomly.

Current TV: Married...with Children


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