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Friday, October 01, 2004

Baby, if you wanna be my lover...you better take me home....cause its a long, long way to Paradise and i'm still on my own!

In hockey news...we won our last 2 hockey games in dominating fashion. We beat this one team 7-1 and another 9-0. MGD is back on track. I have found a scoring touch this season. I've scored 7 goals and netted 4 assists so far in 6 games. College has looked great, Fries is on fire and in the scoring lead and Doug had a hat trick last game. Soon enough the playoffs will start and hopefully we can get another trophy.

Work sucks. But, like That Fish Place, there's a few people that i really like working with that i wouldn't want to quit outright. There also happens to be a bevy of beautiful girls that work there that i would just love to bang. A,K,L,A,L,M,J,M.

School is also quite boring. But Dr. Suzielides pulled off the ultimate---mentioning Wayne Gretzky, a special bonus that pulled me out of a near-sleep experience. Did you know that Ukranians immigrated to Western Canada in large numbers? And did you know that's where you get names like Wayne Gretzky? I didnt, but now you know and knowing's half the battle. 894 goals, 1963 assists, 2857 points. Thank goodness for the Slavs.

Current TV: Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines
Current, Always and Forever Hero and Idol: Wayne Douglas Gretzky


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