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Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Impossible Dream has come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, im ready.

In THE Greatest Night of My Entire Life, the Boston Red Sox, yes the Boston Red Sox, won the World Series. Wednesday October, 27 2004 will take on a life of its own in my life, that i will someday, if ever have children or grandchildren, share with the most cherished of memories.

The Red Sox won tonight 3-0 to sweep the Cardinals. I had the privilege of watching the clincher at the SpringHouse with Kyle, Brad, Fries, Droz and Lauren and a cast of others. It was a great atmosphere to watch the best moment in the history of sports. Eerie night, that included a total eclipse of the moon and someone stealing my celebratory cigars out of my neon.

Keith Foulk pitched the 9th to save the game, and the hugs and love began. It was the greatest feeling, actually watching the Red Sox winning the World Series. Something i cant put into words but something i'll never forget. This memory will last forever, until the day i die. Its something, we as Red Sox Nation, will never let go of......something that we can relive over and over, as long as we live, as a moment of total pure joy.

Current Mood: a moment in life that i will never forget


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