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Friday, April 22, 2005

Ladies and Gentleman, the Edmonton Oilers have won the 1987 Stanley Cup!

What a day or so. Fries, College, Brad and I went down to Baltimore last night to see the Red Sox and Orioles. The Red Sox won, but that was secondary to the other festivities.

We got to the game 3 hours early to drink and tailgate in the parking lot. Hundreds of Red Sox fans passed by and we hooted and hollared. Then Pete stopped by. In addition to being a Sox and Pats fan, he turned out to be one hell of a funny guy. Some deaf gladhander stopped by lookin for donations and Pete said he'd give him the dollar if he could say thank you. Well that was the first time of the night that i laughed so hard my lungs almost cleared my tonsils. We checked out a bar or two, took a 2 mile taxi drive for no reason, a two mile jog back, all for the hottest ladies you'll ever see though....

After the game, we tried to find our hotel. College should never drive ever again. One fender bender later, we are on the highway dodging tractor trailers and buses trying to find the right exit. We spent more time on the median and the shoulder than theoretically posssible. Then Fries yells out, theres the Hotel! Naturally, College whips down a road that i wouldnt take a Tank down. It was so desolate and College kept going anway.....then Fries blasts out the Deliverance banjo tune, and i lost my lungs.

We finally make it to our hotel. We're there for 10 seconds before College orders the 31.49$ porn special, on my card. Drunk texting female co workers later, Fries and i head to Dennys. I order the buffalo chicken sandwich, which was the first thing in order of destroying my colon. After sleeping, we wake up and head to Krispy Creme. We wrecked that hotel room. Im sorry for whoever had to clean that. It was foul, beer, stale smokes and beer farts tainted that room. Thinking we have an hour and a half trip, we head out. FOUR hours later we get home. College took the wrong road, and wouldnt make a stop or turn around. He drove on that road for like an hour. The wrong way. Instead of a straight shot from Baltimore to Lancaster, we take the Baltimore-Wilmington Delaware-Philadelphia-Turnpike Cattle Shoot. Harrowing experience aside, we had alot of fun. We stopped at Taco Bell. Soft Tacos + Alot of Beer + Buffalo Chicken + My solemn vow to never shit anywhere but my house made it a shaky trip back, but rest assured my tiolet got the Big Hurt when i finally made it home.

It was a hell of a time. I laughed more than i had in a long time. Got to see the Red Sox beat up on the O's, and damn if there isnt 1,ooo,000 hotttttt ladies in the Baltimore area. Terrific asses, shortest skirts, biggest tatties. I could live there, yeah. Cant wait till we do it again.

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