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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Nuttier than squirrell shit

Spring is here! Its unbelievable beautiful outside today. Shorts and T Shirts, blue skies! barfy burgers! girls!....ahem.

So i skipped out on classes and community service today so i could watch the Red Sox Yankees game with Fries and College at the SpringHouse. It was great. Beautiful sunny day, no worries, no work, just sitting around drinking Bud and watching the Sox get to Riveria again in the 9th. This should be a great year.

School sucks. Im not sure how its gonna end up.....probably me taking a summer class to improve my GPA. I really wanted to end my college career this May, but whatever. Another summer session shouldnt be too bad. I just want to get on with life.

Hockey last sunday was a success. College didnt show up, that bastard, but these 2 other guys did, and boy, are they super. I was atrocious on defense, thru 2 periods, and damned if i didnt take my self off D and onto O, they didnt score again. Soon as i joined offense, I assisted on 2 goals by Fries in about 90 seconds. We scored 6 unanswered to win 8-6. Yay!

Girls, girls, girls. Do they not know what they do to men?! Since the guilty party might be reading this, ill put it like this: flirting is cool and all, but dont lead on. You might catch some trouble with certain guys that are'nt cool like me. Just some words of wisdom, lol.

Current Mood: Go Red Sox
Current TV: Seinfeld
Current Outlook: Jesus H. Christ.


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