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Monday, March 21, 2005

I'm madder than Janet Reno's blind date.

My, my. Long time no post.

Whats happened since the last time i wrote here. The NHL cancelled their season, breaking my soul into so many thousands of peices. A year without the Stanley Cup is like a day without sunrise. Its not like it had to be the Devils or anything, just seeing someone raising the Cup would have been sweet. Well, it would have been about the Devils, but whatever. God really let me down on this one. Nothing else matters but the Stanley Cup, and it was robbed from me. Uncalled for. Our hockey league has started again, but we suck and stand at 0-2. I wont go into the reasons as to why we suck, but we suck and no one shows up.

But the Red Sox soon will begin their WORLD SERIES CHAMPION defense and Fries and I know they will repeat bringing the greatest of glory to New England and Red Sox Nation. Ive never been more excited to see a baseball season start, so bring on April 3(yeah kyle) and the Yanks.

Work sucks. No one cares about anyone but themselves and they leave me hanging high and dry at a moments notice. But who would blame them, and its no different from any other job anyway.

School's even worse. Taking the fullest of semesters, with work, community service and alcohol and highway safety classes doesnt mix all that well. Especially with adding hockey and drinking with Fries at the Springhouse. I just might have to throw another semester into MU, but im not banking on it. I couldnt stand being in college for a 100th semester.

As for women....i dont want to bother. For the most part i dont have the time or money to deal with them. Besides that, i dont have the patience for the whole "i dont know what i want....im confused, i dont want to ruin anything, i have a boyfriend" BS. That and the girls that i would be interested in are too hott for me anyway. Just give me a beer, a smoke, and a hockey game, and im cool...................shit. Friggin Bob Goodenow.

Beyond that, im happy with drinking at the SpringHouse with Fries, playing hockey at East Pete (when it doesnt rain out), and sleeping. Hopefully life will get better, but for now, it aint getting any better so im gonna take the ball and run with it. If cancer doesnt do me anyway, but that would be my luck, so fuck the tobacco industry.

Current TV: JFK
Current Mood: I'd rather be drinking
Current Financial Situation: Student loan refund + income tax refund = party at Richard's house.


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