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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ladies: I'll never be your Beast of Burden!

Well school is over and im taking one more class next semester. Senior Seminar the second time around should be sweet.

I'm sure i will be happy with a few months off of school since i didnt get a break during the Christmas break last time around.

In my latest hockey related injury, Todd flew into my knee 2 wednesdays ago and ruined my entire leg. As soon as he hit me, i was like f*** Todd. The fact that we were playing one man short to start, i tried to play, but when i tried to turn and completely lost my legs and fell to the ground, i figured it was time to stop the charade. College Boy had to help me to the bench and that was it for hockey for awhile. Im sure it was just a hyperextension, but it hurts like a bitch, and caused me to miss a hockey game and two shifts of work. 10$ braces from CVS dont help by the way. Add that to the worst sprained wrist ever the the most heinous groin pull in the history of groin muscles and one hell of a bruised ass and ive got quite a list of hardcore hockey injuries.

Got a new cell phone today. Its always nice to usher in new bits of technology. I downloaded a Red Sox logo as my wallpaper and Beast of Burden by the Stones as my ring tone, so im pleased. I needed to replace that chipped, beat up samsung anway. My sister seems to enjoy it though.

If you're a reader of this blog, you'll recognize the trouble ive had with staying away from the ladies. But i garuntee, i will never ever in a million years never ever ever ever ever fall into the trap of falling for a girl ever ever ever again. I HATE the trouble and hate having to deal with never getting the girl. So from here on out as long as i live, its the Stanley Cup or nothing at all.

Current Mood: ah shit, work at 10.
Current Music: Beast of Burden
Current Wardrobe: Fridays Rocks! T Shirt, Nike mesh shorts
Current Drink: you put the lime with the Coke, you nut!


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