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Thursday, May 19, 2005

But i swear by this song, and by all that ive done wrong...i cant make it all up to thee!

Well, i cant play hockey thanks to Todd. My knee is pretty wrecked. I haven't been to the doctor or anything since i have no insurance. I think its just a hyperextention, but maybe its more than that. Shit. I cannot extend it, or really bend it this way or that if i dont want to end up on the ground crying.

Went out boozing tonight with the usual suspects. Im blown out ill tell you. It was worth it though. I'll start with the fact that i love red heads. A certain ex-coworker showed up and i LOVE her . She was blown, i was blown, why not be blown together naked and sweaty? Id seriously kill two men with a blow torch to see her naked. Or a to have a cup of coffee. shit. id give a Cup up to bang her. Haha, kidding. But seriously i would. Shes hotter than Lava.

Red Sox lost today. Wells is a bitch. Hockey would be in the conference finals by now.

Current Tv: Conan
Current Mood: how did i not get DUI tonight?


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