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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Like a bird on the wire...like a drunk in a midnight choir...i have tried in my way to be free....

I guess i'm back to regular posting here or something. Closed Fridays out tonight. Its getting back to the summer dolldrums. Its never really busy except for the weekends. Tonight was pretty slow. Let Ana out around 8 and save a few big tops, it was molasses.

The hockey team is getting near new lows. Since my knee was wrecked, i've missed 3 games. We also lost those 3 games and alot before that and we stand 2-10. The playoffs start next sunday, but i doubt i'll be able to play with this half assed knee. Oh well, see you next year.

I get to see Tianna again tomorrow, the first time since the day she was born. It should be fun. Uncle Richard!!!

The Red Sox lost today to Oakland. I still cannot get over that they are the defending World Series Champs. Its so great and bizarre to hear. They might not do much this year, but geez, what a year its been.

Current TV: Maverick
Current Mood: Blown Out
Current Music: Bird on a Wire, Aaron Neville.


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