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Friday, July 15, 2005

Who says you cen never go home again?

The Summer of 2005 just got all that more weird.

I am actually going back to work at That Fish Place. I'm still in disbelief. I haven't set foot on the property in over 17 months, but there i was talking to management and setting a schedule. It was surreal, being in the very building that i had worked in for 5 years.

Desperate times called for desperate measures, and since i couldnt find any other job that would pay decent money, i made the call. I sort of enjoyed working there the first time around, but there was one heated day that i flew off and quit. Going back i wish i would have thought it over for a day or so before quitting, cause the DUI or the money problems that occurred afterwards would not have happened. Then low and behold, as i was leaving, there stood Jeff Hickman. The man the myth the legend, Mashed Potato Man himself. It took about 3.198 seconds before the first bizarre pseudo-sexual comment regarding rubbing down fat chicks with chicken fat in his bathtub to come from his mouth. It was like i never left. Bring it on baby.

I guess ill try to work at Fridays on my off days, but working 7 days week

Hot Z last night with the Fridays crew, and College. Sang a littany of songs, including horrible sounding versions of Piano Man, Runaround Sue, Next to be with You, The Pina Colda Song, but we always seem to bang out We Didn't Start the Fire pretty well, if only because College and i can sing the song without a hitch.

Beforehand, I watched the Curt Schilling return to the Red Sox, in the form of bullpen relief. He got a massive ovation when he came out in the 9th. I had an inkling that he might get railed. He gave a smash double up to Sheffield. Fries asked me if Schilling was toast for life and washed up, wearily, i shook my head yes, and Purple Lips herself hit a 2 run monster bash the next pitch. Either he really is fucked, or he's back to early. Last year was great, but its what have you done for me lately from here on out.

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