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Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'll never be your beast of burden, i walk for miles...my feet are hurtin....all i want, is for you to make love to me....

Whew. Beer, work, beer, work and sleep.

Worked today for like 8 hours. Sucked, but i got to work with a certain girl that i happen to fancy, so it was fun. Shes hot, but i nearly daily pledge that i will never even look at a girl, but shes gonna be a good catch for me or any other lucky guy.

Afterwards, down to the SH. Watched the shmozz Tyson fight and got to hang out with Gary Donna and Fries. Speaking of the SH, there was a girl that i graduated with that was all about Fries. But her friend, whom i also graduated with, was there and i wanted to throw her some ill D, but kept my mouth shut. Wont name names, but she knows she's hot.

I might be taking another job soon so i can buy a car. Id hate to leave TGI Fridays, since i get to go skinny dipping with certain co workers.... :(

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Current Mood: Beer + Sleep = Heaven
Current Music: Take it on the Run, REO Speedwagon


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