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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Heard it from a friend who, who heard it from a friend, who heard it from another you've been messing around.....

Jeez-us. Being a history buff, finally seeing who Deep Throat really was, was quite a discovery. I happen to think very highly of Richard Milhouse Nixon. But earlier today, the identity of the mysterious Deep Throat was finally revealed to be No. 2 FBI man Mark Felt. I've never heard of the guy, but apparently, he was high on the list of suspects. I was hoping for a bigger name like Gerald Ford or John Mitchell. In any regard, its one of the biggest mysteries since the JFK Assassination. No one reading this would probably give a damn, but this is one of the most important revalations of this generation. Deep Throat finally revealed. Wow. Shit.

Went down to the SpringHouse with Fries to watch the Red Sox tonite. They started off chincy, but you can never keep a good lineup down for long. Sox won after busting out a few good innings of good ball. Wade Miller got the win even though he had to fight off 6 innings of shaky ball.

I went and saw Star Wars Ep 3 Revenge of the Sith Memorial Day Sunday. What a great movie. I was never really into Star Wars, but it was spectacular. I seem to have liked Obi Wan Kinobi even though i always hated him before i saw any of the movies. But, what a great display. The scene where Kinobi was fighting Anakin Skywalker on the lava planet, and Yoda was fighting Emperor Palpatine on the Senate floor was one of the best damn things ive ever seen. 2 light sabre duels for a lifetime. After watching, i had to see the 3 originals. I borrowed the 3 from College Boy on VHS and im half way thru The Empire Strikes Back, and im hooked. I used to think Star Trek was the best space adventure, but now im hooked on Lucas. I cant wait to see Return of the Jedi and see Vader finally get his comapence via his son Kuke Skywalker. Look at me, a Star Wars geek!

Current Mood: Holy Sh*t, Deep Throat revealed!
Current Obsession: Carrie Fischer in that bikini!


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