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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Uhhh you got any gum?

So, in three days College Boy is tying the knot. The end of an era. And it will be one hell of a party. College, Dan, Eric, Brad, Matt, Gary, Boat, Mama, Papa, Tim Smalls, The Rock, Pishcke and even Aunt Beth will be in attendance. Its going to be the wedding to end all weddings. Free booze. Food. Hot dates. Free hotel rooms. One crazy bunch of loons and the rest of our lives to remember. Ana, Jessi, and Keri really do not know what they are in for. Im actually the best man, so i have to come up with some kind of sentimental wish-washy speech, apparently without any mention of College and my past exploits. In any case, we are gonna send Kyle off the night before the wedding with one last party at the Compound. We're gonna try to get some of the gang from 2001-2002 that used to get drunk and belligerent in the Compound basement to come and party. One last Constein Compound Bash. The fun it will be. And i will win a Canada-USA best of 7 from Brad one time for all time. Cant stop the Lemieux-Gretzky-Messier line baby.

Working alot of hours at Fridays, but the pay isnt that considerable. I need a new job.

The defending World Champs the Red Sox have gotten off their recent schnide and have won 4 in a row. Their offense is still good and the pitching is coming around.

Other than that i cant wait for the wedding....so later.

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