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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The goats will run rampant when the box is full.

Another long span between posts. Probably cause i've been working everyday for the last month. 5 days at That Fish Place, and 2 days a week at TGI Fridays has consumed most of my time. Leaving little for drinking, sleeping, or blogging. I dont know how much longer i can pull off the 2 days a week bussing. Maybe for another week or so. No way i can do it when school starts at the end of the month. It was fun, but ive about had my fill of cleaning after total slobs. We'll see how that goes. But i do enjoy being back at that fish place. I like the work much more than being a lowly buss boy. I left for more than a year, but its been like i never left. All the same shenanigans and fun with most of the old crew. A bunch of us went to see Jeff Hickman play in a place called Nardi's down in Long Beach Island, NJ. It was a hell of a time and i got pretty slammed. I wont say what happened later, save that ive never done it before in my life, but have done it twice this summer already. Fun fun fun.

Its been a month already since ive lost my license. Its flying by, but i feel pretty much like a low-life not being able to drive, and fetching rides everyday. ITs like i'm a cook in a chain resturant or something. Id almost rather have gone to prison for 2 weeks instead of losing the damn thing. Ive been missing out on some good binge drinking in the interim.

The National Hockey League starts up again in a month and a half, and i cannot wait. My true love has been gone too long. The Devils lost Neidermayer but they got some guys and have become a more check you through the boards and knock your spleen out kind of defense. Then if the new rules stick and open up offense, they have alot of speedy forwards to move the puck and score goals. And Brodeur is still Brodeur. Prediction: Cup # 4.

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