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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poor Richard's Back

The That Fish Place softball team is back and I joined the team. I played for the first incarnation a few years back. Hopefully we'll have a better team than back then, when, in our first year we got 10 run ruled our first eight games. Seriously, we didn't get out of the 3rd inning until game nine.

We've had three practices, and three times I've gone home feeling all of 100 years old. My shoulder is like Jell-O. My quads, hamstrings, and back are killing me. I was catching for a bit during the first practice and it killed my knees. Afterwards, I tried to get up and my legs all but buckled. I must look like Evel Knievel any time I get out my chair at work anymore.
It's partially my fault. I haven't been all that physically active since we stopped playing hockey; it's been a few years since we had the team together. It's funny because that's probably the reason for half of my pain. I thought nothing of playing with pulled muscles or sprains, making them worse in the long run. I played games with the worst groin injury anyone has ever had. I mean it. It had to have been at least partially torn. I couldn't walk straight or even stand up to use the bathroom without tremendous pain. Walking up a set of stairs was a nightmare. As bad as that was, it wasn't the half of it. I severely sprained my left knee and both of my wrists and fell directly on both of my elbows without pads countless times. One time, I sprained my wrist, my hand, and suffered the worst bruised ass cheek that anyone would ever admit to--on the same play.

While I might jokingly refer to myself as the King of Work, I can assure you that I am the King of Sprained Ankles. I've turned the left and right so many times, that on occasion, I can almost sprain them again, walking on flat ground.
So, I've noticed it creeping up on me, but when the hell did I get so old? Alot of days I feel like an old man with various aches and pains. I've got grey hair for heaven's sake. I'm only 27! I guess I am paying for not taking care of myself the last couple of years. Everything adds up and takes a toll.

I'm hoping that playing on the team will get me back to a somewhat better physical condition. It might take 10 practices and 3 games before I stop waking up feeling like Jim Otto, but I think it will be fun. We look to have some good players, including actual living breathing girls--something largely missing first time around. I guess all I can hope for is avoiding another major groin injury followed by a trip to the 15 day disabled list. Because I'd really hate to interrupt normal bathroom procedure.

Current Mood: women suck
Current Music: ...Keith Urban, You'll Think of Me. Don't look at me, it came up on AOL Radio.
Can't Wait For: Getting through eight hours of work tomorrow and starting 11 days off!


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