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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Hey--The RedSox won Game One of the ALCS tonight. Smashed the shit out of the Indians. Christ, i really hate the Indians. They beat Boston in 95 and 98. I always hated Cleveland way more than the Yanks. Fries and I really feel the Sox this playoff year. At least they don't have to play the Yanks. No comeback, no nervousness. It's really weird seeing them in the ALCS. If you would have told me that the Sox had a chance to win 2 World Series in 3 years 10 years ago, i would have shit myself. It's pretty wild.

The 5-0 Pats play the 5-0 Cowboys Sunday. Dallas is home and they are getting 6.5 points. I'm thinking 34-17 Pats.

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