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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Title Town?

Heh heh. Its looking good for New England sports.

Last week the Patriots nailed Cincy 34-13 in Cincy. Usually when you are 7 point road favorites, you slip a bit. Not the Brady Bunch. Randy Moss caught 2 TDs, one of which they should show to every rookie wide receiver who ever comes in to the league. 4-0.

Today. Pats 34 Brownies 17. Well, they finally didn't beat a team by 3 touchdowns. Still, Brady and Watson gave me mad fantasy points and the Pats racked up the record to 5-0. With under a minute to go, Randal Gay (ha) stripped Winslow and picked up the ball and ran it back for a TD. It gave Fries an extra 8 pts in his fantasy league, but more importantly, it showed that the Patriots are sending double middle fingers to the rest of the league. Any other team with nothing to prove would have fell to the ground. The Patriots are gunning for everyone. Dallas (5-0, if they beat the Bills tomorrow) are next, and they don't know what is going to hit them. There is a reason why i started the blog again. The Pats are unbeatable.

Yeah, and the Red Sox eliminated the Angels today. Nice sweep. Beckett took gm 1 pretty east, 4-0. Game 2 was a little more dicey, until ManRam crushed a HR clear over the monster for the winner. Today was pretty pedestrian. 9-1 win that Fries and i somewhat watched. Seemed like a foregone conclusion. In any case, this is wild because i cant remember a time where it seemed like the RedSox had an easy road to the World Series. Stay tuned, this blog could end up meaning a whole lot in baseball and football before its all said and done. I wish i was more drunk so i could scream and bitch alot more.

Current TV: NYY vs. CLE


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