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Saturday, September 29, 2007

RedSox East Winners!

Well, well, well!

The RedSox won the American League East for the first time since 1995. I do remember that day. It was my dad's 44th birthday. I was scanning channels and switched to ESPN and saw Roger Clemens (asshole) and Mo Vaughn (fat asshole) riding around on horses and wearing goggles. It took 12 years, but they finally took the East Flag. It's funny, the 2004 World Series and now the East remind me of being a kid. Just another reminder of being 15, before i could drive, being in 10th grade, no responsibilty. I always love being taken back to childhood.

The Patriots are smashing teams. I really think that teams are pissed that prick asshole Eric Mangini blew the whistle on the Pats. No one needed this team to have a chip on their shoulders. I hate to say it, in hopes that i dont jinx anything, but the 2007 Pats really do seem like they can go 16-0. They are just too good. Number 1 offense and defense. 7 point favorites on the road in Cincy. From here on out, because i feel something special going on, i'm going to blog about the Patriots. After every week (win) i'm gonna write about Pat's Patriots.

NHL starts up tomorrow. Jeeeeez. They open their season, on a Saturday, in London England. Puck drops at noon. In the middle of one of the greatest MLB finishes ever and a good College football weekend. What are they thinking? The Finals last year were outwatched by Build a Beter Burger and Mama's Family on the ION Network. ION. Does anyone even get that channel? They show the Wonder Years which is an all time great show, but ION? They got the lowest ratings in the history of NBC last year. I loved hockey and the Devils at one point (98-04) way beyond what i ever like the Red Sox, Pats, or Celtics. Now, since the lock out and the recent appearances of Edmonton, Carolina, Tampa, Anaheim and Ottowa in the Finals, i cannot get into hockey anymore. I can't handle watching a Devils team that isnt the favorite to win the East, let alone the Cup. Maybe i was just spoiled with the Devils success, but i cant live with an average NJ squad.

Well thats the blog. I really want to get back into this, especially because i want to document my feelings as the Patriots go on this year. This is all for my memories and if anyone else reads, i hope you enjoy.

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