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Monday, October 29, 2007

2007 World Series Champions, Boston Red Sox!


The Red Sox won the World Series again tonight, for the 2nd time in 3 years. After they won in 2004, it was, and still is, absolutely bizarre that Red Sox and World Series Champs went together. And now, they won it again! We get another year where you can say, Defending World Champion Boston Red Sox. It's very hard to wrap my mind around that. It was another sweep! For the most part, no apprehension, no heart pounding nervousness. This time was a little better because you didn't have to hear about the Curse or 1918. Just winning a championship. David Ortiz, Manny, Curt and Wakefield were there, but new additions like Ellsbury, Pedroia, Lowell ( WS MVP), and Josh Beckett make this a different team from 2004 and i think i might enjoy this one a little more. Maybe because it happened today.

Fries and i returned to the scene of the crime and watched the game at the SpringHouse (now known as the Trio). Totally different from the last time we were there. In 2004, there was about 15 Red Sox fans and the bar was packed. They cancelled kareoke so we could crowd infront of the big screen. Tonight, there was about 15 people total, including the workers. Fries, Paige, Kelley, Mark Hess and I watched the game and celebrated afterwards. Fries amped up Dirty Water and Tessy. Thankfully, they let us stay past close to watch the game and the celebration.

I think i mentioned this here in 2004, but i cant help but look back when i used to listed to the Red Sox radio broadcasts when i was 15, 16 years old. I guess i'm proud to say i was Red Sox fan way back. From when we moved to Haverhill, MA and here to PA. I loved sitting in Dad's M&L Electric van in the summer of 1996 listening to the west coast road trips with a bowl of pretzels and a giant glass of iced tea at 12 in the morning. I'm pretty sure younger me would have loved to know that the Sox would win in '04 and unbelievably enough again in '07. I would like to go back and tell him that, and i'm sure that it would have suprised him and made him happy, even if he had to wait this long.

In other great Boston sports news, the Patriots embarassed the Redskins earlier today. It's really getting rediculous that they are giving ass kickings of the highest order week after week. They totally killed the Skins. Absoutely killed them. At one point, they were winnging 52-0! When does that ever happen in the NFL these days? Parity has pretty much taken over in sports. It doesnt mean that any team can win a championship or make the playoffs, but in the regular season, you can think that any team could theoretically win. Not this year. The Pats, with that chip on their shoulder are blowing the doors off every team. They average over 40 points, they average 15 points against. Tom Brady has thrown 30 TDs and 2 INTs. Can that even happen in Madden on rookie level? Next week could be the biggest regular season game ever with the 8-0 SuperPatriots vs. the Colts in the Revenge Game. That's one that Fries and I are probably going to have to watch in his basement, because i am going to be in no shape to watch that game in public. Then, as a reminder, the Jets loom in week 15. The Jets are 1-7 right now and have no passing game. They can't really run the ball and their defense is in shambles with Vilma out for the year. Mangini pissed Belichick off pretty fierce after blowing the whistle on SpyGate and the rest of the league is dealing with the aftermath right now. They may lose the Colts next week, but that Jets game could be the ugliest game in NFL history. If you think they have run up the score before, i dont think you've seen anything yet. I would look you right in the face and say 70 points and a 60+ point victory is not out of the question. I don't care what the line is, that is the gambling lock of the century.

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And to all a good night!


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