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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Everything is bigger in Texas

Ho ho ho....

It might have been dicey for about 40 mins, but our favorites finished off the Cowgirls in decided fashion. 48-27. 5-0 Dallas falls by 3 TDs. I saw it coming, even though Fries didnt. Thomas Brady threw 5 touchdowns and overall it was a rout. If this is the best the NFC can offer, the Super Bowl will be over when the AFC title game is over. Every week it gets better, every week they are dominate. This Pats team is all-world. This Pats team is all-millenia. This Pats team is all-time. Next week for the 6-0 Pats? The 0-6 Dullphins. Ho ho hoooo.

Current TV: Saints-Seahawks.....Jesus, sorry NBC.
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