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Sunday, October 21, 2007

2 Game Sevens

The Boston RedSox won game 6 tonight to extend the 2007 ALCS to seven games. After the newest playoff hero Josh Beckett pitched his newest gem in game five, the Red Sox rolled back home and kicked the hell out of the Injuns 1o-3. With that young Cleveland team, who has had their best 2 pitchers come out and get lit up, i don't think they stand a chance tomorrow. I made 3 seperate bets that the Sox win by 5 runs. Now 1 of them wont be in town tomorrow, and the other was too drunk to remember, but i can't see them losing tomorrow. It's not like Jake Westbrook is going to set the RedSox down or anything, right? JD Drew hit a grand slam in the first inning....if that's not a sign that they are winning the World Series, i don't know what is. Just to be sure, i'm wearing the sleeveless adidas and the 1995 Red Sox tattered to hell shirt that i wore for the World Series winner. I just want to enjoy the Red Sox winning without the Curse, or the ALCS comeback hanging over everything.

The Patriots get the 0-6 Dolphins tomorrow. For the third time this year, the Pats are 16 point favorites and for the 7th week in a row they will cover. I cannot stress enough how much they are going to stick it to every team this year for all the shit they got for the shitty tape scandal. The Steelers are going to regret that they suggested that the SuperBowls were tainted and the Jets and Mangini are going to get the ass kicking of all ass kickings in the history of the NFL in week 15. This week, next week, then they get the Colts. I've been yelling 16-0, but it's a hard thing to do. The only game i really worry about is the Colts game, but if they get by that, there's no reason why dont have a great chance to do it.

All in all, i think it's going to be a great day for Boston tomorrow. The Bruins might even win.

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