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Monday, October 22, 2007

Glory Days in Boston

What a great time it is to be a Boston sports fan.

Last night was a banner night as the Red Sox finished off their 3 game demolition of the Cleveland Indians and the Patriots and Tom Brady, if it's possible, got even better.

The Red Sox came back from a 3-1 deficit outscoring Cleveland 30-5 since game four. After they crushed the Indians on Saturday, i predicted they would win by 5 easily. Fries wasn't so sure, and neither was I for the first six innings. But after some bone headed playing from Cleveland, they blew them away in the seventh and eighth. Matsuzaka at least earned some of the 100 million that he got this year. Only 5 innings, but he got out of a few jams and did alright overall. Okajima gave 2 good innings innings in relief before giving way to Paplebon in the 8th. Paps shut them down for 6 outs and if you watched him after the game, you can tell that he's guilty on counts in regard to being completely insane. His reaction when Crisp caught the final out was absolutely goofy and his appearance in the locker room with his tight little shorts and scuba goggles was off the page. So it's on to the World Series against the Colorado Rockies. ? Definatley not my dad's NL champs, but they'll do. Everyone seems to want to go with the upstart good guy story Rockies (even though its not translating to even respectable tv ratings), but i'm just going to say when the Red Sox win it, I hope its at Fenway.

Earlier the Patriots embarassed the Dullphins. Tom Brady threw 6 TDs and now has 27 TDs and 2 INTS on the year. That stat is gaudy. Just an absolute vein display of greatness. He's on pace for 61 TDs. Thats damn near Gretzkyesque. They led 42-9(!) at the half. Randy Moss caught two passes for touchdowns that should probably (for the sake of time, and space concerns) just be called uncatchable. The running up of the score continues and i hope they continue to show no mercy. Their offense is so totally so far beyond what any defense can comprehend at this point, i can't imagine their own defense playing anywhere near bad enough that their offense won't outscore the opposition for the win. Washington's next and then it's on to Indy for the Revenge Game.

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