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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Update

-I was "recruited" by College Boy to play in a "home run derby" for breast cancer awareness at Clipper Magazine Stadium, the home of the Barnstormers. And boy was I bad. I scored the lowest on our team and I only noticed one guy who ranked lower than me. I probably should engage in a little more physical activity because I was gassed after about 7 swings. I wrenched by back pretty good by swinging as hard as I could. I also tore up my left hand from gripping the bar so hard. It was tough waiting for the pitching machine because I had trouble judging when the ball would come out. So I would see the guy drop the ball and half cock my swing before the ball came to me and had half swing behind the hit. I did get a few nice shots into left field but my prospects of ever being a professional baseball player were answered with a resounding no. Unless the pitcher would manage to hit me, walk me, or hang a knuckleball every at bat.

-Later Saturday night we went back and watched the Barnstormers play the Newark Bears. If the quality of baseball is a little suspect, they make up for it with a nice stadium. They were running a promotion where if former MLBer Ruben Mateo would strike out a bunch of people would win a frosty. I guess they knew what they were doing when they selected him. The first time he was up the fans started chanting FROS-TY and he responded by hitting a towering home run to left field. He added a double and another home run later in the game to send everyone home with no ice cream. I also continued my streak of never having a foul ball landing anywere close to me section. I'd let you know if the Barnstormers won or not, but we left in the 8th inning.

-I got to watch WALL-E Saturday as well. It's been a long time since i've seen a movie that good. I thought it might be a children's movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. It follows WALL-E in the distant future as he is left to clean up trash in an abandoned Earth. The humans have left Earth to live on a giant spaceship where comfort has become key. They are no longer dependent on themselves and rely on robots to every daily task for them, kind of becoming mindless drones. He meets, and falls in love with another robot named EVE, who is sent to Earth to find any signs of sustainable life. One thing leads to another and WALL-E follows EVE back to the spaceship and in the process teaches humans how to be human again. Kind of a robot Love Story.

And if that wasn't good enough, The Wizard of Oz is on TNT. Good times.


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