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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Five Alarm Saturdays

Out of the blue, a blog post.

Today had it's good moments and it's bad moments.  Hmm, mostly bad but it wasn't that bad.

Alexander was somewhat fussy today.  I tried putting him down for his second nap, but he was somewhat resistant.  I left him in the crib, hoping he would eventually drift off, while drifting off eventually myself.  I woke up shortly thereafter and realized Alex was still up.  I guess he had trouble sleeping with the Five Alarm, Hall of Fame level offering in his diaper.  The stats:  more than five wipes used, a blow out, and a change of clothes.  One of the ones where it comes up under and to the front.

Took Ben for his fourth (third?) haircut.  And it was definitely the worst experience of the bunch.  The first few we went to Super Cuts.   I don't think they are accustomed to cutting kids hair?  Are they?  I don't know, but they weren't very good.  In their defense, I think I scared them at the outset both times by all but apologizing for Ben's freakout before hand.  So they worked pretty fast and just kind of cut around the edges and that definitely results in Amish style bowl-cuts that look sort of silly.

It also ended up kind of choppy and uneven, so we decided to move on to a place that is closer to my parents house.  They are pretty good--they gave me the only haircut I've been satisfied with in the past 10 years.  Because the scissor cuts turned out so bad at Stupor Cuts, I figured we should use clippers on the sides and back and then scissors on the top.  But...Ben seems to be terrified by the clippers.  

He just sort of whimpered with the scissor cuts, but he takes on a Five Alarm Freakout with the clippers.  Ben cried like he was being beaten.  Tears, runny nose, hair in his mouth, it was the Full Monty.  He tried twisting out of the chair and standing up so many times we had to take a break half way through so I could hold him to calm down.  I guess it would make more sense to just use scissors and ask them to not make it look like a bowl-cut.  Maybe I'll try that if I can ever show my face there again.  

Current TV:  Veep
Current Mood:  How I am supposed to look forward to football Sundays if the Patriots are on bye?

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